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Particulate Matter

Mapping dust sources? Need a particulate matter management plan or particulate matter-related BAT evaluation?

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Our expert in Particulate Matter

Nico Raes Environmental consultant
Impact of partical matter

Need for particulate matter research

If your activities may give rise to the exemption of particulate matter, there is a chance that a particulate matter audit will be necessary (whether or not imposed by the government in, for example, a special condition). Potential particulate matter emission sources are mapped out and the measures taken and planned are evaluated. At least a comparison is made with the best available techniques (BAT). In a first phase, this will be carried out on the basis of available measurement data and with the aid of a particulate matter audit. However, it is also possible to perform particulate matter measurements on different sources to have a quantification of the particulate matter emissions. OLFASCAN has the necessary measuring equipment to collect particulate matter.

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