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Why is ventilation important? And how can OLFASCAN help you with this?

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Our Ventilation Expert

Kurt Haerens Environmental Consultant
A good ventilation will help reduce the odours in the environment

Air management optimisation and evaluation

Is the current extraction not having the desired effect or are there still problems? OLFASCAN maps the current system and determines the different partial flow rates as well as the pressure at the different points. The speed of extraction is also measured and the installed fans are examined to determine how the current system can be optimised.

Implementing a hood to improve the ventilation

Guidance implementing air management

What is the best way to organise the air management of a production hall? What sources are there in the hall and how are the exhausts best collected? OLFASCAN looks at the theoretical or practical situation and helps to find dedicated solutions to achieve a properly functioning ventilation system.

How can we help

Would you like additional information? Or do you have a specific question for one of our employees? Then be sure to contact us via our contact page.