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Flying lab

Quantifying emissions from hard to reach places ? Sampling of large surfaces ? Our flying lab offers the solution.

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Our expert in Flying Lab

Niels De Baerdemaeker Environmental Consultant
Measurements using a lab mounted under a drone

Emissions determination of surface sources or hard-to-reach sources

OLFASCAN has a flying lab to perform air quality measurements and to detect, measure and map diffuse emissions. By using electrochemical sensors, accurate and precise measurements are executed in locations that are difficult to access. In addition, the flying lab will be used to quickly screen diffuse emissions from large surfaces. These measurements make it possible to search for patterns and hotspots in order to perform more detailed measurements at the selected locations in a next phase.

The flying lab with thermal camera can visualise leakage currents

Locating leaks

By means of drone measurements, OLFASCAN can visualise possible leakage flows in various buildings and installations. Here, a thermographic camera is used to detect heat gradients. If leakage currents are present, these will be visualized as heat losses. These images can be viewed live during the drone flight to determine leakage currents on the spot and make it possible to react very quickly.

How can we help

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