In May 1999 Project Research Gent nv was launched with four dedicated employees, led by Toon Van Elst. This young consulting company was the continuation of services to the industry that took place within the association Alitech. The association Alitech was active until early 1999 within the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Ghent. Project Research Ghent (or simply PRG) focused mainly on service around odourproblems, and formed together with Project Research Amsterdam and Project Research Environmental Consulting in the UK the base of the future Odournet group. For the implementation of the chemical analyses, the first few years we worked closely with the ENVOC lab at Ghent University. Due to the continuous growth of the company, the offices were soon moved to a modern offci building at Brugsesteenweg in Mariakerke (November 2001).

For the recognition of the other companies in the Odournet group, Project Research Ghent changed into PRG Odournet nv in May 2005.

The business grew further. Together with DLV Belgium the subsidiary farMER bvba was founded in March 2007. This company focused in the beginning mainly on the market of environmental impact assessments and decrees environmental audits for intensive livestock installations. In 2012 the name farMER changed into eco-scan (see also

In 2008, an industrial facility was purchased, located along the industrial zone near the R4 at Wondelgem. Here OLFASCAN installed its own stat-of-the-art laboratory which was appointed in April 2009 performing GC-MS and GC-Sniffing analysis with a very low detection limit.

In May 2011, a full management buyout was made and the shares of the Odournet Group were bought back by the Flemish shareholders. The company continues under the name OLFASCAN nv and follows its own course. OLFASCAN preserves admiddedtly the mutual and good cooperation with the Odournet group.